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Holy Week

Holy Week is the annual Christian observance commemorating Jesus’ last week on the planet and the activities leading as much as his resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is the ultimate week of Lent, and the week prior to Easter Sunday. The dates of Holy Week are defined via the date of Easter Sunday, which is a moveable feast, and as a result, it falls on specific dates from yr to year. Ash Wednesday

Holy Week commences on Palm Sunday and ends on Holy Saturday (traditionally referred to – wrongly – as Easter Saturday). It entails the Christian observances and solemn holidays of Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday) and Holy Friday (Good Friday).

Holy Week does no longer comprise Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday, the primary day of Easter Week, instantly follows Holy Week and is its culmination – a day of joyous celebration.

In Japanese Orthodox Christianity, Holy Week starts on Lazarus Saturday, the day before Palm Sunday.


Ash Wednesday-Lent-Easter Sunday

5 Facts about Good Friday and Easter

5 facts about Good Friday and Easter This week marks the 2 holiest days on the Christian calendar, Good Friday and Easter. Listed below are 5 tips you should find out about in this day and age of religious observance:Facts About Easter Sunday 1. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death… Read More »


Lent Lent is the interval of forty days earlier than Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Eve (regularly called Easter Saturday). But if you happen to seem in a calendar or diary and rely the times they come to greater than 40! That is on the grounds that you do not… Read More »

Ash Wednesday

 Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. The name comes from the subculture of striking a small move of ash on peoples brow at Ash Wednesday church services. It is a sign of confession and helps persons to don’t forget that they depend on God for forgiveness from their sins. It’s still… Read More »

Passion Plays

Passion Plays Passion Plays.In medieval Europe, most folks might no longer read or write, so they had to be instructed Bible reviews rather than studying them.Ardour plays were the plays telling the Easter Story. They were known as passion plays considering the word ‘ardour’ is repeatedly used to intend that Jesus cherished everybody so much… Read More »

Easter Monday

Easter Monday Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and is a countrywide holiday in many nations. In some locations it’s known as Ball Monday. Egg rolling races are held in lots of counties including Switzerland, the U.Ok. And the U.S.A. There’s a big race held on the lawn of the White apartment in… Read More »

Easter Sunday

 Easter Sunday Easter Sunday or Easter Day is the foremost day of the year for Christians. It is after they have fun that three days after being killed, Jesus rose from the useless, many times referred to as ‘the Resurrection’ and defeated evil eternally.Easter Sunday Various church buildings start the Easter Sunday celebrations in the… Read More »

Easter Eve / Holy Saturday

Easter Eve / Holy Saturday That is the day between good Friday and Easter Day. It represents the one full day that Jesus was once lifeless. Is is also repeatedly referred to as Holy Saturday.Easter Eve / Holy Saturday Most church buildings do not need any services on Easter Eve until the midnight service to… Read More »

Good Friday

Good Friday Good Friday.Just right Friday is an extraordinarily main day for all Christians. On just right Friday, Christians recollect that Jesus died for every body. He was crucified via the Romans on a hill outside Jerusalem although he had no longer finished something unsuitable. When a man or woman was crucified, they had been… Read More »

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday Maundy Thursday is the Thursday of Holy Week. It represents the day that the Jewish Passover was celebrated within the Bible Story of Easter.Maundy Thursday On that day, Jesus had his final meal together with his acquaintances and followers earlier than he was killed. This meal is now understand as ‘The last Supper’.… Read More »

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Palm Sunday is the primary Day of Holy Week. It is when Christians consider how Jesus entered Jerusalem using on a donkey. It’s called Palm Sunday given that the people have been so happy to peer Jesus and knew that he used to be very important, so they took branches from the Palm… Read More »