Paper Cup Bunnies

By | April 15, 2019

Paper Cup Bunnies

These cute bunny cup wraps will make the cutest addition to Easter brunch! Our free template makes this project a kid-friendly breeze. Plus, see greater of our favorite Easter crafts for children.Dress up day-to-day paper cups to make the cutest Easter brunch add-nos. Use our free template to piece at the same time flawlessly fashioned ears, noses, and whiskers for these adorable paper neighbors. Plus, this handy Easter craft is modest sufficient for the children to support!

Paper Cup Bunnies

Paper Cup Bunnies

What You’ll Need:

*Cup-wrap templates
*Assorted card stock
*Glue stick
*Single-hole punch
*8 oz. paper cups

Step 1: Cut templates

Down load the free template, then print and cut each and every piece. Decide on a colour combination for every bunny and reduce the templates to match your mixtures for each cup. We used a light and darkish combo for each cup, so we reduce the face and outer ears from the darker cardstock, and cut the whiskers and inner ears from the lighter colors. Don’t forget the red nose!

Step 2: Assemble

assembling the portions of your paper bunny; create the face by using gluing the whisker and nostril pieces to the middle of the long face piece, then use a hole punch to offer the bunny a pair of eyes. Glue the inside ear pieces to the outer ears, and fasten the bottom of each ear to the again of the face;comfy the ends of the wrap with glue or double-sided tape. When the glue is dry, slide a wrap over every cup and set out for Easter brunch!

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