When is Good Friday ?

By | April 15, 2019

When is Good Friday?

When is good Friday you wish to have to understand the date of fine Friday in this 12 months? Good Friday is the auspicious day even as Jesus Christ, the lord of Christians has taken the holy living condo to heaven. This year on nineteenth April 2019, Christian followers throughout the globe is also celebrating excellent Friday with complete zeal. Therefore for the Christians, the day of excellent Friday is all again a time to have a just right time and take into account lord and his discomfort and sacrifices in offering peace amongst all.


Good Friday is the Friday earlier than Easter, that is calculated in another way in Japanese Christianity and Western Christianity (see Computus for important points). Easter falls on the foremost Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon, the total moon on or after 21 March, taken to be the date of the vernal equinox. The Western calculation uses the Gregorian calendar, whilst the jap calculation makes use of the Julian calendar, whose 21 March now corresponds to the Gregorian calendar’s three April. The calculations for determining the date of the entire moon moreover vary. See Computus.

In Japanese Christianity, Easter can fall amongst 22 March and 25 April on Julian Calendar (therefore between four April and eight could in phrases of the Gregorian calendar, for the duration of the size 1900 and 2099), so just right Friday can fall between 20 March and 23 April, inclusive (or among 2 April and 6 could in phrases of the Gregorian calendar)


The great Friday date is likely one of the oldest Christian holidays, with some resources pronouncing that it’s been placed considering that a hundred CE. It transformed into involving fasting all through the early years of its observance and turn out to be associated with the crucifixion across the fourth century CE. The Easter date is determined by the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox.

This year on 19th April 2019, Christian followers across the globe may be celebrating Good Friday with complete zeal.

Dates for Good Friday, 2016–2031

Year Western Eastern
2016 March 25 April 29
2017 April 14 April 14
2018 March 30 April 6
2019 April 19 April 26
2020 April 10 April 17
2021 April 2 April 30
2022 April 15 April 22
2023 April 7 April 14
2024 March 29 May 3
2025 April 18 April 18
2026 April 3 April 10
2027 March 26 April 30
2028 April 14 April 14
2029 March 30 April 6
2030 April 19 April 26
2031 April 11 April 11

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